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Upcoming Schedule of Events:

06/11/14:  Sex for Gay Men (and those who love them) at the Pleasure Chest Los Angeles

06/21/14: FFabulous FFisting with Live Demo @  JT's Stockroom, Silverlake, Los Angeles.  Buy tickets in advance here

Special Summer Workshop Series

---Man On Man Sex---

06/18/14:  The Joys of Man Sex at the Village at Ed Gould Plaza

07/02/14: Extreme Play -  Embrace Your Hardcore Desires at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza

07/16/14:  Polyamory & Open Relationships at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza 

Past Events

04/16/14:  Hardcore Sex!  @ the Pleasure Chest L.A.

03/26/14:  Polyamory & Open Relationships at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza 

03/12/14: Embrace Your Hardcore Desires at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza

02/26/14:  The Joys of Man Sex at the Village at Ed Gould Plaza

02/21/14:  Advanced Anal with a Live FF Demo at the Liberace Penthouse

09/27/13: The Pleasure Chest L.A. Glory Hole party

09/21/13: Anal and Hardcore Sex Workshop at the Liberace Penthouse

08/28/13: All About the Butt at the Pleasure Chest
Gay Sex for Men at the Pleasure Chest

04/20/13:  FFabulous FFisting at JT's Stockroom

01/27/13: Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Anal Sex Tips

01/25/13: Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Negotiating Threesomes

01/23/13:  Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Negotiating Blowjobs

01/21/13:  Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Help!  My man looks at other women!

12/04/12: Sex for Gay Men (and the peeps who love them)

08/22/12: All About the Butt at the Pleasure Chest

06/20/12: Damon Holzum at the Pleasure Chest

06/05/12: Blogtalk Radio Erotic Play with Damon Holzum

West Los Angeles College, Human Sexuality course: HIV education (recurring)

Orange Coast College, Orange County, Advanced Human Sexuality: Alternative Play
Pleasure Chest Stores, West Hollywood: Alternative sexual practices, pushing the boundaries of sex play (fisting, water sports, "dirty" play and sounding)
Pleasure Chest Stores, West Hollywood: Fisting and Advanced Anal Play
Roving Sex Therapist at Erotic City, 2012 LGBT Pride Week 


As a therapist and educator I bring a fresh, passionate and compassionate approach to your concerns and engage with you as someone desiring a powerful, nurturing and intelligent experience.

If you have any questions about my services, please email me at info@damonholzum.com or call me at 310.497.8988. 

My therapy approaches are an Integrative Approach seamlessly blending Experiential Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) and Psychoanalytic/Dynamic Family Therapy modalities.  I provide insight, guidance, interest, and ultimately a safe space for you to vocalize and experience growth and realize potentials within.

I'm here for you to excel at individual one-on-one therapy, couples therapy, and sex-positive therapy.   The environment we will create encourages a judgment free space where you are able to verbalize and interact with someone who engages and encourages you to a more secure, confident, and communicative self.

Along with family dynamics, relationship challenges, and general “life” concerns, my practice is a sex positive space where you are encouraged to explore your definition of sexual fulfillment and growth.  I am well versed in sex positive education, kink culture, sex-worker strategies, alternative sexual practices, poly-relationships and navigating the challenges of embracing a sexually and emotionally fulfilling life. 

Some of the topics I adroitly address:

  • Your relationship(s)
  • Poly/Bi/Homo-Sexual and Heterosexual interaction
  • Sexuality Support
  • Alternative Sexual Practices Education and Support
  • Sex worker support and strategies
  • Kink culture
  • Emotionally Safe Sexual interaction
  • Physically Safe Sexual interaction
  • Substance use utilizing harm-reduction strategies
  • Sex positive education
  • State Certified HIV Counselor and Educator
  • Transgender resources and support

My goal is to answer your questions and help you to more fulfilling relationships, be they intimate or emotional. I also provide outreach resources and offer my speaking, counseling and writing services to you and your peers or social groups.  This is a sex-positive area so please make yourself at home.

I look forward to hearing from you

Sincerely, Damon Holzum