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               Upcoming Schedule of Events:

06/21/14: Advanced Anal with LIVE Demo: JT's Stockroom in Silverlake, Los Angeles. 

04/16/14: Hardcore Sex! @ the Pleasure Chest LA. 8pm, free

02/21/14:  Advanced Anal with a Live FF Demo at the Liberace Penthouse

Man On Man Sex Workshop Series

02/26/14:  The Joys of Man Sex at the Village at Ed Gould Plaza

03/12/14: Embrace Your Hardcore Desires at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza
03/26/14:  Polyamory & Open Relationships at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza

Past Events:
09/27/13: The Pleasure Chest Los Angeles Glory Hole party
09/21/13: Anal and Hardcore Sex Workshop at the Liberace Penthouse

08/28/13: All About the Butt at the Pleasure Chest
Gay Sex for Men at the Pleasure Chest

04/20/13:  FFabulous FFisting at JT's Stockroom

01/27/13: Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Anal Sex Tips

01/25/13: Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Negotiating Threesomes

01/23/13:  Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Negotiating Blowjobs

01/21/13:  Webisode of 'The Sex Talk' with Moushumi Ghose, Help!  My man looks at other women!

: Sex for Gay Men (and the peeps who love them)

08/22/12: All About the Butt at the Pleasure Chest

06/20/12: Damon Holzum at the Pleasure Chest

06/05/12: Blogtalk Radio Erotic Play with Damon Holzum

West Los Angeles College, Human Sexuality course: HIV education (recurring)

Orange Coast College, Orange County, Advanced Human Sexuality: Alternative Play
Pleasure Chest Stores, West Hollywood: Alternative sexual practices, pushing the boundaries of sex play (fisting, water sports, "dirty" play and sounding)
Pleasure Chest Stores, West Hollywood: Fisting and Advanced Anal Play
Roving Sex Therapist at Erotic City, 2012 LGBT Pride Week 
Mission Statement: 
To provide counseling, educate, encourage and support a sex-positive environment with an emphasis on safer sex ideology, creativity and Alternative Sexual Practices.

Welcome!  I am here as a resource for you, your partners, and your peers, to explore a safer sex based, fulfilling, fun and engaging sex life.  My goal is to be your resource for all questions relating to relationships, love, sex and everything that goes with it. 

Many things affect how you think about or engage in sexual ideals and practices as well as navigating the complex nature of relationships.  There is monogamy vs. polyamory vs. "hooking up" versus wanting it all.  Alternative Sexual Practices, alcohol, drugs, sober living, and the safer sex spectrum are but to name a few of the topics I effectively address. 

My goal is to answer your questions and help you to more fulfilling relationships, be they intimate or emotional.  I also provide outreach resources and offer my speaking, counseling and writing services to you and your peers or social groups.  This is a sex-positive area so please make yourself at home.  

Look around, get a feel for this website and the resources I offer and please feel free to contact me via email or phone.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

Damon Holzum